martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

Obama necesita una Gran Estrategia

Fareed Zakaria, el autor de The Post-american World, llama en su colaboración al Newsweek de esta semana al Presidente electo Obama a diseñar una Gran Estrategia. Claro, que tome en cuenta que Estados Unidos no puede seguir actuando ni pensando unilateralmente.

"Any attempt at a grand strategy for today must also begin with an accurate appraisal of the world...The "rise of the rest," as I have termed it, is an economic phenomenon, but it has political, military and cultural consequences. In one month this past summer, India was willing to frontally defy the United States at the Doha trade talks, Russia attacked and occupied parts of Georgia, and China hosted the most spectacular and expensive Olympic Games in history (costing more than $40 billion). Ten years ago, not one of the three would have been powerful or confident enough to act as it did. Even if their growth rates decline, these countries will not return quietly to the back of the bus...The "Global Trends" report identifies several worrying aspects of the new international order—competition for resources like oil, food, commodities and water; climate change; continued terrorist threats; and demographic shifts. But the most significant point it makes is that these changes are taking place at every level and at great speed in the global system"

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