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Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Un día como hoy, pero de 1973, Pablo Picasso desapareció del mundo, pero nos dejó su maravillosa obra.

Aquí la plana del New York Times de aquél año:

Mougins, France, April 8 -- Pablo Picasso, the titan of 20th- century art, died this morning at his hilltop villa of Notre Dame de Vie here. He was 91 years old.
The death of the Spanish-born artist was attributed to pulmonary edema, fluid in the lungs, by Dr. Jean-Claude Rance, a local physician who was summoned to the 35-room mansion by the family. Dr. Rance said that Picasso had been ill for several weeks.
With him when he dies was his second wife, the 47-year-old Jacqueline Roque, whom he married in 1961. In the last few years, Picasso rarely left his 17-acre estate, which was surrounded by barbed wire. He had been in exile from his native land since 1939, when Generalissimo Francisco Franco defeated the Republican Government of Spain in the three-year Civil War.
About 10 days ago, Picasso was helping to assemble 201 of his paintings for exhibition at the Avignon Arts Festival, which will open in that city May 23 at the Palais des Papes. According to Paul Puaux, the festival director who had visited the artist at his home on the Riviera above Cannes, these canvases covered the artist's output from October, 1970 to the close of 1972.
"There was something completely different, something less tortured in certain paintings," Mr. Puaux said today in Paris. He added:
"You feel there is a change, a new period. There is much less eroticism and much more softness. His wife told me that he was working much more slowly, more deliberately now, searching and dogging into each canvas."
The main subject of the 201 works, Mr. Puaux said, "is man, as always - children, a number of mothers with child- but also musical instruments, trumpets and flutes, birds and one very, very beautiful landscape, which is rather unusual for Picasso."
The dominant color of the canvases is bistre, a warm, brownish black, Mr. Puaux said.

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