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Homofobia = Narcisismo

Esta es una entrada vieja que recupero a propósito de la homofobia desatada por los irresponsables discursos y declaraciones de la Iglesia a propósito de la reforma al Código Civil para permitir el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo.

Debra J. Dickerson publica hoy en Mother Jones una reflexión interesante que toma de un artículo Ta-Nehisi Coates publicado en The Atlantic "Nihilismo y matrimonio homosexual", dice "Bigotry, in all forms, requires a shocking arrogance, a belief that other communities deepest desires revolve around your destruction. It is the ultimate narcissism, a way of thinking that can only see others, through a paranoid fear of what one might lose. The fears are almost always irrational."

Coates se inspira a su vez en una entrada de Andrew Sullivan, del Blog The Daily Dish, quien lucha por el reconocimiento de los derechos homosexuales y argumenta que: "We know too, experientially, that the love cherished by many gay couples is real and beautiful and deeply human. It is not merely "contractual" or "nihilist". It is organic, natural and completing. It is humanizing and it is civilizing. History is full of such relationships, and they stand proudly alongside their heterosexual peers. The reduction of these shared lives and loves to abstract sexual acts is itself a form of bigotry. It is an attempt to reduce the full and complex human being to one aspect of his or her humanness....It is Rod's self-evident panic at the thought of such an integration that has made some of us sit up and take note. There is some lurking fear that if this form of being human is recognized as equal in the civil sphere, let alone the sacred one, then the entire edifice of heterosexuality and marriage and family will somehow be destroyed or undermined. I do not believe that in any way. And I don't think it's possible to believe that without, at some level, engaging in homophobia - literally an irrational and exaggerated fear that the gay somehow always obliterates the straight, or that 2 percent somehow always controls the fate of 98 percent. This is where paranoia and panic take over. It is where homophobia most feels like anti-Semitism."

El tema es de Dickinson es: Es la homofobia tan sólo una forma de narcisismo?

"So, I think Coates is on to something with this notion - heteros lose one of the few advantages left to those born on the lucky side of any hierarchy, in this case, the sexuality continuum. Homophobes are manic about losing the right to have someone to openly look down on. To consider innately inferior. Which is convenient because their unworthiness then allows you to collect those psychological wages like straights only in the military, straights only in the classroom, straights only in public office (just imagine an openly gay Prez), straights only with the right to marry and all the bennies that come with it. Notice how quickly the psychological wages become all too tangible."

Y sí, he leído y escuchado que en México, también, la negativa a aceptar que los homosexuales tienen derechos, entre ellos a casarse, está directamente relacionada con el temor a la "destrucción del matrimonio heterosexual y de la familia tradicional".

Yo creo, como Coates que "Bigotry is the heaping of one man's insecurity on to another. Sexism, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Islamism, anti-immigrantism, really all come from the same place--cowardice."

Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban By MONICA DAVEYThe unanimous ruling on Friday makes Iowa the first Midwestern state where same-sex marriage will be legal.

El argumento central para negar el derecho "para qué cambiar algo con lo que hasta ahora todos hemos estado cómodos." (!)

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