lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Martha Nussbaum: Más allá del Velo: una respuesta

La semana pasada publiqué aquí un enlace a la nota de Martha Nussbaum en el Blog Opinionator del New York Times sobre el Velo Islámico.
El Jueves pasado la filósofa publicó ahí una extensa respuesta a los comentarios que la primera nota recibió:

"I don’t always feel patriotic, but I did then. I would not encourage a child or relative of mine to wear tzizit or, outside of temple, a kipoh. I’m a Reform Jew, and I view these things as totemism and fetishism. But I would not offend strangers by pointing that out, or acquaintances unless they were friends who had asked my advice. And that’s the way I feel about most of these things: it’s not my business."

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