lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Contra la violencia hacia niños y niñas

''Raise your hand against smacking!'' - Awareness-raising Action

In most of Europe today, society tolerates and even approves recurrent forms of violence against children, in particular those inflicted in the home.
No religion, economic situation or "educational" method can justify hitting, smacking, spanking, abusing, humiliating, or any other practice that violates a child's dignity. It is internationally recognised in human rights law that children have a right to protection from all forms of violence, including corporal punishment in all settings – home, school, penal systems, care institutions. Wherever children are found.
One third of our member states have made corporal punishment illegal and others are committed to legal reform. Abolishing it calls for changes in legislation and new policies to ensure implementation and guidance for those working with children and families. It also requires awareness raising to inform the public about children's human rights.

More information
Leaflet [PDF]

No, México no forma parte de Europa, pero los niños de todo el mundo merecen el mejor trato, Alza la mano en contra del maltrato infantil.

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