lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

#Invisible Parents

Today, the video campaign Invisible Parents kicks off. The video focuses on the discrimination same-sex families and their children experience due to the lack of mutual recognition of civil status of their families within the EU. ILGA-Europe is a partner of the campaign together with NELFA and others.
The film has been produced by UK filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto, and the campaign is being supported by Member of the European Parliament, Michael Cashman. 
Please get behind the project by sharing it with your friends and networks: Read more on the ILGA-Europe website - visit - use the hashtag #InvisibleParents when sharing it on Twitter.
Currently only 22 (16 in the EU out of 49 European countries legally recognise same-sex partnerships and only 12 (10 EU members) recognise same-sex parents. There is a huge problem with the freedom of movement due to the lack of mutual recognition. You can have all the rights and entitlements in one EU country, for example in Belgium, but moving to another EU countries you might not necessarily be seen as married/partnered or even a parent to your child! Last year we created  a short film demonstrating the absurdity of a situation where two women, one from France and the other from Finland, both countries provide legal recognition to same-sex couples, but do not recognising each other's laws on these matter. As a result this couple and their children in a legal limbo even afraid to travel out of France. Check the ILGA-Europe video 'Legal Jungle' here.
Lastly we would like to draw your attention to our recently revised policy on LGBTI families - read it here, and find out what ILGA-Europe's key demands are for the recognition of diverse families in Europe.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the campaign or about LGBTI families in Europe.
Thanks in advance for spreading the news about Invisible Parents.
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