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Juegos de video y libertad de expresión

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Daniel Greenberg diseñador de video juegos escribió el pasado martes en el Washington Post una muy buena nota apelando a la Corte por la no censura de los video juegos:

Video games, even the violent ones, enable players' free expression, just like musical instruments enable musicians' free expression. No one in the government is qualified to decide which games don't enable free speech, even when that speech comes from a 15-year-old. The courts settled the question of the First Amendment rights of minors long ago. Those rights are so strong that, for example, the Supreme Court ruled that school boards do not have the power to ban books from school libraries, even if students can obtain those books outside of school (Board of Education v. Picoin 1982). In that case, the justices said that "the right to receive ideas is a necessary predicate to the recipient's meaningful exercise of his own rights of speech, press, and political freedom," even when the recipient is a minor.

Supreme Court Debates Ban on Selling Violent Video Games

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